Applebox Farm is home to Gippsland Free Range Eggs.


We are a small family owned business providing fresh local produce within a 15km radius of the farm. We started producing pastured free range eggs in 2010 and as our customer base has grown, so has our produce offerings.


Produce includes:

  •  Fresh pastured Free Range Eggs
  •  Grass Fed Beef (and soon lamb)
  •  Seasonal Herbs
  •  Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
  • Drew Duck Eggs

We offer our eggs and seasonal produce at our farm gate daily from 9am – 6pm. In coming months this will be replaced with a farm shop offering ours and other local farming produce.

We have open days throughout the year and run a number of workshops associated with free range eggs and permaculture.

We are working towards bridging  the gap between consumers and farmers, in the hope that consumers all over Australia will get to know their farmers and support local food.

Click here for information relating to our farm visits.

GBA 2016fine food award


Good Food Naturally