Alpacas protect our hens from foxes and wedge tail eagles. Because the Alpacas live in the paddock with the chooks there is no need for the chooks to be locked up......EVER!

Quite often they are in the nesting shed laying hours before the sun comes up.

The Girls

Our girls are free to roam 24/7 they are never locked away but have portable purpose built Chicken Caravans that provide a safe, warm and dry place for them to lay and perch at night.

As well as grain the girls scratch around in the grass and have a fest on any bugs & worms they can find.

Our girls are vaccinated & dewormed at a young age for their own health and wellbeing. We don't beak trim as we strongly believe in allowing them to naturally forage for bugs and worms.

Our girls feed when they choose, and they can come and go as they please rain, hail or shine the girls are out and about scratching in the grass looking for bugs. 


The girls are protected by two guardian alpacas that do a great job keeping the threat of foxes and eagles away. 


Our eggs are collected daily from our chicken caravans. The caravans have a section in the front that you can go and collect your eggs from.  

There is a conveyor belt that all the eggs roll onto from the nesting boxes , you just turn the handle and collect your eggs out of the elements. 

They are then placed into clean plastic eggs trays and transported back to the shed to be graded & packed ready for delivery 


Here at Gippsland Free Range Eggs we have over 120 cattle, our girls and the cattle work closely together to fertilise our pasture.

Before we move the girls to different areas of the farm we place cattle in the paddock for a few days. The cattle chew and stomp around making the grass shorter & leaving behind manure. 

The girls then rummage through the cow manure looking for bugs and its then spread all over the paddock and afterwards the chickens own manure helps to further fertilise the paddocks.

Chicken Caravans 

The Girls call a portable caravan home they are moved around our 240 acres every few days so they always have access to fresh pasture and a great view.

The caravans are easily moved around out farm using a tractor, we like to move the girls at night when they are perched up and comfortable. We close the doors and take them to a new paddock where they will wake up  to fresh new pasture and cow manure to scratch in. 

These caravans are purpose built from


We pass all our eggs that we collect over our grading machine. We examine the shell for cleanliness, soundness, texture and shape. All eggs must have unbroken shells to pass.